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How To Talk To Teens About Consent and Boundaries

Before the age of 18, 1 and 6 boys and 1 and 4 girls are sexually assaulted. The best way to stop this is to punish the perpetrators of sexual violence, but that isn’t always an easy task. The next best thing is to teach teens (and even younger kids) about consent, relationships, and boundaries.

Oftentimes though, that conversation is hard to broach. Throughout this article, I will list videos that will help start the conversation. Education on consent and boundaries needs to be continuous. After watching one (or all) of the following videos with your teen ask them:

“What do you think about this video?”

“Is there anything you disagree with?”

And the most important thing is to listen to your teen when they speak before giving any feedback. Who knows, maybe you will learn something as well!

Enough delay! Here are 5 videos to use to talk to a teenager about consent, boundaries, and relationships.


This video discusses a teen pushing another teens boundaries. This realistic video will walk you and your teen through being pressured to do something that they do not want to do.


Is your kid really into music? Well, this video will be great for them. This catchy song explains consent using metaphors they will understand! Who knows - maybe this will make its way onto their playlist!


Looking for a way to bring up sexual abuse from a trusted adult? This video goes through the process of grooming, and all the feelings that come along with it. Share this video with your teen to start the discussion of appropriate behavior from adults, and what they should do if an adult around them acts inappropriately.


Do you have a younger teen? Using this video will help teach consent and boundaries through a bear who is attempting to pass as a human. Zany right?


What would happen if you went around and did things without asking for permission first? This is a great video that can be used to introduce the idea of consent to a teen who doesn’t know much about it!

Those are the resources I have for you today! Remember these resources, and even this article, are launching points for conversations about consent.

Comment below, have you tried to speak to your teen about consent? How did the conversation go? If you want an article about a different topic for your teen, comment below!

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Because Sexual Assault Affects us All

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