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We Need You 

Together we can end sexual violence in our community


The Center's Volunteer Program allows community members to support survivors and learn more about victim advocacy. We cannot do the work we do without the support of our amazing volunteers. Learn more about our volunteer programs and apply today!

The Victim Advocate provides emotional support to primary victims and secondary victims during the examination at the hospital or during an interview with the police. This position requires crisis intervention and good communication skills. Applicant must be able to respond to victim/family in a non-judgmental and unbiased manner. 

 The Community Educator will represent The Center in engaging the public at community events in education about the issues of sexual assault and gender violence. This position requires strong communication skills and the individual should be comfortable with public speaking. 


Administrative volunteers represent The Center at our front desk as visitors first point of contact in the office. Duties include answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, responding to emails, and other office duties as assigned. 


Internship & Practicum

Completing an internship (undergrad) or practicum (graduate) placement with The Center will give you valuable, hands on, experience in working with a diversity of: victims of sexual violence, law enforcement, medical practitioners, legal professionals, an others. 

Most importantly, you will take away the knowledge that you have made a difference in reducing sexual violence in our community. 

Internship & Practicum

Join our Board of Directors

The Center for Sexual Assault survivors has a governing board that is filled with members from the community who are passionate about ending sexual violence, supporting survivors, and all of the work the Center does. We are currently looking for community members to join this team and support The Center. If you are interested in applying please click the link below! If you want more information about the board feel free to email

Job Openings

Your generosity enables us to provide vital services to victims of sexual assault and human trafficking. 

Together we can create a community free from sexual violence.


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Support us by donating the funds we need to keep our services free to the public. 

In order to donate to the Center click below. ​

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Support our largest fundraiser of the year! We need you at WITS 2023!

Click below for more information!

Support us by donating the resources we need to keep our office running. 
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  2. Log in with your usual amazon username and password.  

  3. In the pop up window that asks what nonprofit you would like to support,  search for The Center for Sexual Assault Survivors & choose us as your default nonprofit.

  4. Now every time you shop at instead of, you'll earn us free donations. 


Helping our community to be well informed is critical to our vision of a future free from violence. We work to accomplish this through providing FREE education & training as well as by participating in community events.  

Partner With Us

Assistance is provided through:
  • Awareness tables

  • Interactive booths

  • Event participation and Facilitation 


We are here to educate our community, and work with partnering organizations to support survivors. 
Topics we cover include:
  • The Center’s Services

  • Neurobiology of Trauma

  • Dynamics of Sexual Assault

  • Stalking

  • Human Trafficking 

  • Consent/Healthy Sexuality

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Teen Dating Violence 

  • More 

We are here to educate our community, and work with organizations to provide free trainings.
Community Education

Learn More

We believe that educating the community is a vital part of our work to end sexual violence. Check out our blog below to learn more and to continue to support those around you!

Because Sexual Assault Affects us All

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