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The Importance of Volunteering at Non-profits!

There is nothing quite rewarding than seeing your hard work transform the lives of others. One way this can be accomplished is by volunteering with nonprofit organizations in your local communities. Volunteerism has been shown to strengthen social connections, build strong, safe, and cohesive communities, enhance civic engagement, and provide public goods and services that the government does not offer.

Volunteers provide support and service to charitable and nonprofit organizations by offering their time, skills, and expertise. This is essential for organizations to fulfill their purpose in building communities and contributing to society. While making a difference in the lives of others, there are many personal and professional benefits when volunteering with nonprofits. The experience you gain from volunteering can transform your future in many ways. Learn more about the personal and professional benefits of volunteering at a nonprofit organization below.

7 Benefit of Volunteering at a Non-Profit

  1. Expand Your Personal and Professional Network

Volunteering allows you to meet others that have similar values and traits as your own. Surrounding yourself with people who share similar passions is a great way to make new friends and connect professionally. Expanding your experience allows you to grow meaningful connections and foster them for many years to come, even after you stop volunteering and gain an incredible professional networking resource.

2. Learn New Skills

Volunteering helps you acquire new skills and improve existing ones. Volunteering teaches you a lot about compassion, empathy, and working with others. Empathy is a significant life skill benefiting personal and professional relationships. Communication skills can also be improved while volunteering, teaching you how to handle new situations and social interaction experiences.

3. Build Your Resume

Having volunteer service on your resume provides professional benefits and can help you stand out as a potential job candidate. Volunteering consistently at an organization shows employers your commitment to giving back to the local community and demonstrates consistency and drive. Researchers found that 76% of hiring managers found volunteer experience significant. Volunteering is a great path to look into and can boost your resume.

4. Understand the Organization Better

Fully understanding the work and impact the organization has on the community allows you to see firsthand the commitment and responsibility of running a non-profit organization. It could inspire a new career path or help you gain more respect for the duties these people take on.

5. See the Organization’s Impact Firsthand

Volunteering within your community allows you to see the impact, social benefit, and change with your own eyes. It also creates a stronger sense of belonging within your neighborhood. Volunteering in your local community can create faster, more proactive, and more direct change.

6. Set an Example

Volunteering teaches lessons of humility and gratitude. Volunteering sets an excellent example if you have children or peers that are younger than you. By setting an example of the value and importance of volunteerism, you are laying the path and foundation for future community activism and service.

7. Gain a Better Sense of Purpose

Dedicating time and commitment to a cause increases your sense of worth and purpose. Knowing that your work contributes to a forward-moving organization combats feelings of not belonging. In addition, volunteering can produce feelings of positivity and mental wellness. You can gain a better sense of purpose by helping other people and positively impacting your community.

The benefits of volunteering for a non-profit organization are unlimited. Your time spent volunteering helps not only the non-profit and the people involved but you as well. Turn to your local community and find a volunteer program to figure out where you can start making a positive impact. There is always a need for an extra set of helping hands.

The Center for Sexual Assault Survivors is committed to providing efficient advocacy to all survivors of sexual violence. The Center's Volunteer Program allows community members to become trained advocates, support survivors, and learn more about victim advocacy. We cannot do this important work without our amazing volunteers' support. Learn more about our volunteer program and apply today!

Volunteer Application Form:

If you or someone you care for is a survivor of sexual violence, we are here for you. If you would like additional resources for healing from sexual violence, please reach out to us at our 24-hour crisis hotline: 757-260-5260.


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