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Volunteer Spotlight: Joshua Phillips

The Center would like to give a big thank you to Joshua Phillips, one of our most dedicated volunteers! He was nominated by staff to be featured as our volunteer spotlight and recently started as a practicum student with our organization after beginning as a volunteer.

Hello! My name is Josh. I am currently a senior at Christopher Newport University where I study and greatly enjoy psychology! Ultimately, my plan is to become a licensed professional counselor to treat mental illness and promote mental health in Hampton Roads.

I am a Christian and find that the teachings of Jesus speak to the dignity in every person. It is from this worldview that I want to help others!

I started volunteering with the Center as a victim advocate in June of 2019.

I was inspired to volunteer with the Center because I first found out about a great need in the area. Unfortunately, sexual assault is not a rare occurrence in Hampton Roads. However, to know that others have already been fighting against sexual violence is encouraging and the Center offers accessible ways to join the cause.

The aspect of my volunteer work at the Center that I enjoy most is the interaction with other people! Everyone from survivors, to the lovely staff at the Center and even the skilled medical staff I’ve met during hospital accompaniment have all been wonderful to interact with in their own way.

I could go on about all of the enjoyable intricacies and benefits of work at the Center but the core of it is the people!

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Because Sexual Assault Affects us All

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