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10 Grounding Techniques for Sexual Assault Survivors: Mental Health Awareness Month

Sexual assault is one of the most prevalent forms of violence in our community, and one of the most underreported. Many survivors might have to heal from the assault completely alone. At The Center for Sexual Assault Survivors, we are dedicated to creating more safe spaces for survivors to heal from sexual assault. We continue to provide free crisis services (24/7 hotline, support groups, and crisis counseling) to survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones.

This Mental Health Awareness month, we will provide some grounding techniques survivors can use to improve their mental health. If you or someone you care for is a survivor of sexual assault, we are here for you. If you would like additional resources for healing from sexual assault please reach out to us at our 24 hour crisis line: 757-260-5260.

10 Grounding Techniques for Sexual Assault Survivors

Survivors of sexual assault may find themselves feeling negative emotions, or challenging memories. According to RAINN, 70% of rape or sexual assault victims experience moderate to severe distress. This is larger than any other form of violent crimes.

Grounding helps survivors become present in the moment, and to heal from the assault. During times of destress they can help survivors re-center and calm their mind.

Some survivors find it beneficial to add grounding techniques to their daily routine to help them regulate their thoughts and emotions.

Physical Grounding Techniques

There are physical grounding techniques that can help survivors calm their physical sensations. Below is a list of them for anyone to try. Remember, not all of these will work for everyone. Take what helps from this list, and feel free to leave everything else.

Mental Grounding Techniques

There are also mental grounding techniques that can help the survivor stop or reduce distressing thoughts. below are some of them that anyone can use.

Remember that these are only a few of the resources that the Center has for survivors of sexual assault. If you need more resources feel free to check out our Self Help page or call us at 757-236-5260 at any time. Your mental health is important, and we are here to do what we can to support you.

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Because Sexual Assault Affects us All

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