Maricella M. Carter, Executive Director

Teri M. Duesbery, Victim Services & Programs Manager

OPEN, Adult Treatment Specialist

Catherine Hatcher, Child Counselor

Joviena Kay, Child and Young Adult Advocate

Hayley Walczer, Outreach Specialist/Volunteer Coordinator

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Note: Please be aware that e-mail is not a secure means of communication.  If you are seeking services, please call our 24-hour crisis-line at (757)236-5260 or our office at (757)599-9844 during Monday-Friday, 9:00am -5:00pm.


Board of Directors

Executive Officers:
Laura Dobson, Chair
Charlene Johnson, Vice Chair
Dwan Jones, Financial Officer
Elsa Vasquez, Secretary

Board Members:
Bernadette Hardy
Karla Reaves
Romeo Lumaban
Fred Ferguson

Please Contact us at: